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Titles by Auguste Press:

Curves & Curses,
Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

A Natural History of Suchness,
Stephen Ellis
(galatea resurrects review)

Negative Capability in the Verse
of John Wieners
Micah Ballard
(galatea resurrects review)

9th & Ocean,

Kevin Opstedal
(galatea resurrects review)

Adventures of Max & Maxine,
Skip Fox
(Black Spring review)

Pop Junk,
Jeff Karl Butler

El Tsunami,
Kevin Opstedal
(galatea resurrects review)

Last We Spoke
Sunnylyn Thibodeaux
(LitNav poem feature)

After the Sinews,
Patrick James Dunagan
(galatea resurrects review)

Stranger in Town,
Cedar Sigo
(ArtVoice review)

Will Skinker

Maybe a Painter,
Christina Fisher
(galatea resurrects review)

Spirits & Anchors,
Jason Morris

From The Livid Country,
Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre

trans. by Guillermo Parra

Invisible Sleep,
Garrett Caples

Tiny Windows,
Duncan McNaughton

Contact the Editors:

Micah Ballard

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

The Night Palace
(with UDP)

Morning Train

Lew Gallery past shows include

Clinks & My If's - Jeff Karl Butler

Artworks - David Meltzer

Night & Day - Corina Bilandzija

"Some of the World's Diamonds" - pieces from living rooms

Lew Gallery editions include
(little books, little runs)

Cerulean Towers - Charlie Thomas

Spirit Guest - Patrick James Dunagan

Walk-On World - Julien Poirier

Pretty Vacant - Kevin Opstedal

The Moment Collector - Darin Klein

Room Service Calls - Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Cocktail Napkins - Gautam Sahi

Wild Schemes - Derek Fenner

avid diva - Garrett Caples

Rave On! - John Sakkis

Moving Pictures - Greg Fuchs

Half Set - Logan Kroeber

Music For Torching - Cedar Sigo

a car / A Pome - Jeffery Joe Nelson

Orphica - David Brazil

Fortunes - Michael Carr

Widows & Orphans - Micah Ballard

Excess Space - Christina Fisher

The Violet Suitcase -  Matt Gonzalez

Sinusoidal Forms - Ava Koohbor

Angel, Unincorporated - Carrie Hunter

Grindin - Alli Warren

In Loving Memory of Your Mind - Sarah Cain

Feed My Lambs - Will Skinker

The Brooklyn Tornado - Will Yackulic